NEW PRODUCT! – Restaroma

//NEW PRODUCT! – Restaroma

NEW PRODUCT! – Restaroma

Restaroma is a simple to use, portable mains powered unit which uses essential oil cartridges to release a non-toxic, odour neutralising dry vapour into the air – this penetrating vapour quickly controls and eliminates malodour.

The unit can be used with patients and staff in situ without danger and unlike ozone or chemical fogging, the Restaroma is safer and will not harm fabric, rubber, adhesives or remove pigment from leather etc. Moisture is not introduced into the treatment area eliminating possible risk of further damage and no ‘recovery’ period is required after treatment. All oils are COSHH approved.

This versatile air treatment device is intended for applications where quick results are needed, from small areas to rooms up to 20,000 cubic feet. The vapour quickly penetrates porous surfaces, neutralising imbedded malodours.

Suggested applications:
Hospitals and nursing homes, fire and flood damage restoration, vehicle rental and garage services, self storage warehouses, cleaning services and all areas where unwanted odours are present.

The Amazing NEW! Restaroma

Barton Chemicals Restaroma System

Comes complete with a cartridge.

Was £325.00 – Now on sale – £230.00
Save a huge – £ 95.00!

£6.50 shipping to your door!
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