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Due to the expansion of the business, we have moved
to larger premises. Here is our new address
and phone numbers.

Barton Chemicals Limited
North Greendykes, Broxburn,
West Lothian, UK EH52 6PW
Phone: 01506 862 299 or 01506 633 644
Fax: 01506 862 288

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Linen Odour Bomb

Not a cover up but a true odour eliminator which
oxidizes odour elements in the air. Use it to combat smoke and fire odours, odours of the sickroom animal smells, mustiness, decayed matter, pesticides…. Basically any odour regardless of its source.

When using in cars position can so that it does not fall over, ideally between the two front seats, place a cloth under the can and around the sides of the can so that it has no way of falling over and damaging interior, put vehicles in car air air circulation fan on then press top of aerosol so that it locks in place, close doors as quick as you can , the contents of the aerosol should disperse from the can within 2minutes at most but will keep working for one hour, make sure car is not opened for one hour after applying this product. After the hour open up all vehicle doors and leave for 30minutes before entering the vehicle. We truly believe that there is no other product that destroys lingering musty smells as good as this product. N.B Vehicle must be valeted prior to applying this product so as to remove matter that could decay further.

Linen Odour Bomb
Barton Chemicals Odor Bomb
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