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Information about Microfibre Cloths

Microfibre cloths help with applying and removing car polish, glass cleaner, tar and glue removers, detailers and detailing products.
This general purpose microfibre cloth is an ultra-soft, non-abrasive car wash and detailing cloth that leaves lint-free, smear-free, and streak-free surfaces – very useful for vehicle cleaning jobs in which you do not want to risk scratching paints, coatings, stainless steel, glass, or other surfaces.

Each microfibre cleaning cloth measures approximately 38cm X 38cm and is manufactured with 30% polyamide and 70% polyester. This makes them more effective than other manufactured microfibre cloths that have only 20% Polyamide. The Dog’s Bollocks microfibre cloths are the better quality cloths with 30% Polyamide to provide a much easier cleaning experience.
A dust magnet, the cloth towel’s microfibres have super-absorbent tiny fibres to absorb moisture and spills and to cling to and trap microscopic particles of dirt and dust. Other types of cleaning cloths – those with the normal size of fibres – leave the grime behind.

More economical and eco-friendly than kitchen roll or paper towels because they are reusable with better absorbency and scrubbing power than cotton cloths. For some purposes, they can be used to clean without cleaners or cleanser, just dampened with water to clean the surface.

Use, rinse, wash, and reuse many times. The car detailer’s microfibre cloth is flat woven and mechanically split to produce a very high-quality cloth with a 500-wash life expectancy, but don’t use fabric softener.


Advantages of Using a Microfibre Cloth

Ease of use, they make a difficult cleaning job extremely easy to do
Wash- Microfibre cloths can also be washed many times making them a very cost effective cloth.
Scratch- Non-scratching for soft paintwork especially on newer cars.


How to Use a Microfibre Cloth for Applying a Wax onto a Car

  • Pour the polish onto the microfibre cloth and apply in straight lines working one panel at a time.
  • After the panels have had the car polish applied use a new microfibre cloth to remove the polish easily.

Additional Information

All professional car detailers will always use a quality microfibre cloth and never use substandard cheaper alternatives that could damage paintwork.

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