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Scrubber Drier Machines – Cleaning Machines

A comprehensive selection of cleaning machines for janitorial work with the power, pressure, reliability, and quality that cleaning professionals and semi-professionals demand.

The following is a sample selection of our professional product range.

Professional Cleaning Machines


Selection of heavy duty cold water washers with powerful electric motors and water pumps that give these cleaning machines unsurpassed quality and durability. Features include cleverly designed handles, guns, lances, rotating nozzles, large capacity detergent tanks, and good quality (not plastic) high pressure 10M hoses. (Contact us…)

Poseidon 22t Cold Water Washer


We have supplied steam cleaners for twenty years and have now selected Nilfisk as our best choice of pressure washer machine. This is purely down to the quality of machine and easy servicing which reduces your costs.

We recently serviced a Neptune 5-28xt that was ten years old. After servicing, this machine ran as well as it did when it left the factory as a brand new machine – a great testament to how well-built these machines are. We proudly put our name to the Nilfisk brand of pressure washers.

If you need any help with information regarding our pressure washers or if you have a question on how to fix your own, we are only too happy to help. Please telephone our team on 01506 862299. (Contact us…)

Neptune 5-28 Mobile Hot Pressure Washer 1210HA


– (Tamper-proof model shown)

Quality handmade machines! Our choices for static machines are manufactured by Dirt Driver whose design has not changed much since they started making their tamper-proof machines 41 years ago. This is truly a time-tested machine. The machines include tamper-proof features and security with the lockable control panel door for anti-vandalism and total control by the key holder. The strong lockable cabinets are manufactured from Zintec or stainless steel and are frost protected. We can have machines custom made to your exact needs. Just call the sales team on 01506 862299. (Contact us…)

Static Hot High Pressure Washer


– (Henry HVR200-22 shown)

Who has not heard of Henry or his twin, Hetty?

These are just a few of the models that Numatic manufacture. They are built to last and have proven themselves to be reliable time and time again. We stock a full range of all Numatic models and there are too many to list here. If the model you are looking for is not in our shop, ask our sales team who will locate it or also advise you on what machine would most suit your individual needs. (Contact us…)

Numatic Vacuum Cleaners


– (50B shown)

Replace mops and buckets and even your carpet cleaner with the right cleaning machine for your needs. Whether your area is small, medium, or large, a scrubber drier will make quick and efficient work of washing and drying any indoor or outdoor flooring surface. (Contact us…)

Scrubber Drier Cleaning Machine

If you need any help with information regarding our cleaning machines and pressure washers or even if you have a question on how to fix your own, we are only too happy to help. Please telephone our team on 01506 862299.