Apple Sours Shampoo (Highly Concentrated) 1L



Apple Sours Shampoo (Highly Concentrated) 1L

So good – it’s The Dog’s Bollocks!


This PH neutral luxurious super concentrated car shampoo that is safe to use on all automotive finishes, and is safe to use on all waxes, sealants and coatings.

Benefits Of Using Apple Sours

PH Neutral Shampoo that is wax and sealant safe.
Apple Sours has extreme lubricity that makes application feel as if the wash mitt glides across the surface.
Luxurious foam even at high dilutions.
When used with a wash mitt provides safe cleaning from general dirt and grime.

How To Use Apple Sours

Rinse off loose dirt from vehicle.
Pour only 25-45ml of Apple Sours into and empty bucket and add water.
Apply with a wash mitt.
Rinse off with clean water and dry with a drying towel.

1 litre


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