So good – it’s The Dog’s Bollocks!

You’ve tried the rest, so now it’s time to be blown away by the cleaning properties of “Bleeding Wheels” wheel cleaner.

We have developed this formulation to be the fastest reacting wheel cleaner that is safe to use on most types of alloy wheels. To achieve this, we have tweaked the formulation from a pH neutral of 7.5 to a pH of 5. It is still very safe to use, but it now has that little kick to it to clean as well as “look the part.”

Many of our returning customer have tried other similar brands that just don’t work as well as our “Bleeding Wheels.”

This fantastic wheel cleaner reacts with contaminants, changing from clear to red, indicating that the curing process has started. It then changes back to clear when contaminants are eradicated.

  • Will not remove wax from paint or damage clear coats.
  • Safe on wheels, including chrome wheels, aluminium wheels, alloy wheels, and anodised wheels.
  • Removes industrial fallout.
  • Balanced pH 5. It’s safe enough to use and powerful enough to clean.
  • Eradicates hot particles caused from heavy braking that bury into alloys and paintwork.

Our customers range from professional car detailers to car enthusiasts who only accept the highest quality products that produce the best results with the least effort.

Notes about Wheel Cleaner

  • “Bleeding Wheels” wheel cleaner should not be used on any surfaces that have not been lacquered or had a smart repair where lacquer has not been applied after smart repair.
  • Do not spray on the fake chrome that you see around the windows and other places in many of today’s modern cars.

How to Use Wheel Cleaner

1. Rinse car first, ensuring all surfaces are cool to the touch.
2. Spray product directly onto wheel or painted surface and leave until product has activated (turns red).
3. If applying to wheel, rub in with a good quality wheel brush, rinse with clean water.
4. If applying on paintwork, simply blast off with a pressure washer. If you don’t have a pressure washer simply rinse with water.
5. VERY IMPORTANT: Do not let product dry out on any surface.
6. Average product used to clean four 18” rims is 20-30ml.
7. After use, always close trigger nozzle fully so as to prevent spillage.

Hints & Tips

  • When cleaning wheels always make sure you use a good quality wheel cleaning brush that can reach into all awkward places and around wheel nuts, and similar.
  • Often missed when cleaning wheels is the tyre wall. This is an essential step to get rid of any tyre dressing you have applied previously. It stops the build-up of tyre dressing looking unsightly and provides a decontaminated tyre wall for applying your tyre dressing onto when the tyre is cleaned and dry.
  • Also available in a 500ml spray bottle with trigger.


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