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Clay Bar II

So Good it’s The Dog’s Bollocks!

Removes surface contaminants such as tree sap, paint over-spray, brake iron, and light industrial fallout. For use prior to polishing for a glass-like finish. Achieve a flawless finish in preparation for waxing.

How to Use Clay Bar

1. Cut section from bar big enough to work with. This is usually the size of a 50 pence piece.
2. Inspect section prior to start to ensure contamination is not excessive (too much contamination will result in poor results and require additional polishing).
3. Mist surface with Pro Detailing Clay Lube for lubrication.
4. Warm clay bar in hands to soften, then flatten into circular shape.
5. Work over surface by rubbing lightly lengthwise along vehicle panel.
6. Whilst working the clay remember to keep the surface lubricated and periodically fold and re-flatten clay bar to keep contact surface as clean as possible to minimize scoring.
7. Discard when clay becomes contaminant laden.
8. Buff off with a microfibre cloth.
9. For that extra shine and protection, apply Zircon Speed Detailer for protection up to 3 months.

Additional Information
The Clay Bar II safely eradicates difficult to remove surface contaminants with this non-abrasive clay bar. It easily removes insects and bird lime. It creates a surface that is easier to wax and last longer. The clay bar cleans away fall-out, ingrained dirt, and overspray from paintwork, fibreglass, metal surfaces, including wheels, rubber, and hard plastics.

100gm Purple (Coarse)


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